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TELELIN Single Limb well type manometer are demaded by various Air pressure Pump manufacturers and various Gas companies including Oil companies for precision measurement of pressure, vacuum, differentials pressure flow and liquid level measurement.TELELIN Single Limb well type manometers gives direct reading in your required pressure range thus making pressure measurement easy and instanaeous. Initially liquid is filled in the well till the scale shows zero but when a positive pressure is being applied on the liquid in the well, causing the level to go down very slightly. Liquid level in the indicating tube has risen substantially giving direct reading from scale in desired units. The single limb well type manometer are accurate & dependable as well as highly versatile for many applications. All Scales are graduated to correct for the drop in the well level.

Industrial Single Limb Manometer
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Acrylic Single Limb Manometer
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Gang Single Limb Manometer
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