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"TELELIN" High Accuracy, Industrial Grade, fully enclosed high pressure, differential pressure, U-Tube Mercury Manometer, wall mounting type. Complete with standard accessories except indicating liquid Mercury.



OUR MODEL NO :HUT-291 with attached 3 way manifold

Standard Range

a)150 - 0 - 150 mm.     Hg
b) 250 - 0 - 250 mm.    Hg
c) 380 - 0 - 380 mm.    Hg
d) 500 - 0 - 500 mm.    Hg
e) 750 - 0 - 750 mm.    Hg
f) 1000 - 0 - 1000 mm. Hg


In cms


Nozzel type or ¼” BSP (F) or as per required

Manometer Casing

Aluminium Casing made from thick sheet on 3 sides and transparent   acrylic front


Engraved on milky  white acrylic,  scale 
engraving filled with black color.

Metering Tube

Borosilicate Glass Tube having Uniform bore with Metal protective casing .


Brackets for wall or front   of  panel mounting

Indicating Liquid


MOC of wetted parts

304 S.S standard / Optional 316 S.S or as per requirement

  1. 3 or 5 way manifold

a)Left side valve for high pressure.
b)Right side valve for low pressure.
c)Center valve for equalizing and zero checking.


Drain Plug will be provided

Test pressure

21 Bar hydraulic

Scale Adjusting Knob

Scale Zero adjusting Knob will be provided


Teflon & Neoprene


+/-0.8% OF F.R

Accessories Box

Plastic Bottle filled with coloured water, PVC tubing.


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