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“Telelin” make acrylic plastic Inclined Tube Manometer are precision instruments in inclined and vertical (Well Type styles for the measurement of static pressure, vacuum or differential pressure, recommended where less then 1mm readings are required . Minimum divisions available are 0.5mm , 0.2mm , 0.1mm or as required . Four different models are available. Utilize expanded scales for unusual sensitivity for fast, easy reading of low pressures, draft or small differential pressure.




Standard Range


a) Range : (-)1 TO (+)10 mm. W.G.
b) Range : 0  to 12.5 mm. W.G.
c) Range : 0 to 25 mm. W.G.
d) Range : 0 to 40 mm. W.G.
e) Range : 0 to 50 mm. W.G.
f) Range : 0 to 75 mm. W.G. 
g) Range : 0 to 100 mm. W.G.
h) Range : 0 to 150 mm W.G.  
i) Range : 0 to 200 mm W.G.



As per range and expanded scale requirement


Nozzel type or ¼” BSP (F) or as per required


Engraved on milky  white acrylic,  scale 
engraving filled with black color.

Metering Tube

Drilled and reamed in Acrylic body itself


Over range well provided in the manometer


Wall mounting Holes will be provided in the manometer body .

Indicating Liquid

Water OR Red Oil Or Mercury


Liquid Fill drain screw will be provided

Scale Adjusting Knob

Scale Zero adjusting Knob will be provided


Teflon & Neoprene


+/-0.8% OF F.R

Accessories Box

Plastic Bottle filled with coloured water, PVC tubing.



Other Model Available:

INC-535 (Right Angle Shape Acrylic Manometer)
INC-525 (Degree Shape Manometer)
INC-525 + Box Mounted for Portable use

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