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TELELIN make Industrial grade Inclined tube Manometer are custom built taking clients pressure range and maximum sensitivity required by them . "TELELIN"  Extra Long Scale, High Range, Separate  Large  Dia. well, Fully Enclosed Industrial Grade, INCLINED TUBE MANOMETER having 304 S.S. Material Well & Wetted Parts. Manometer,  wall mounting  type, complete with standard  accessories  including two fill indicating liquid.




OUR MODEL NO :INC-575( wall Mounting model )

Standard Range

As per requirement


As per range in desired pressure Eqvivalent


Nozzel type or ¼” BSP (F) or as per required

Manometer Casing

Aluminium Casing from 3 sides and transperant acrylic front


Engraved on milky  white acrylic,  scale  engraving filled with black color.

Metering Tube

Borosilicate Glass Tube having Uniform bore .


304 S.S


Manometer will be mounted on a plate with mountuing holes for wall mounting provided

Indicating Liquid

Water OR Red Oil Or Mercury

MOC of wetted parts

304 S.S standard / Optional 316 S.S or as per requirement


Drain Plug will be provided on the well

Scale Adjusting Knob

Scale Zero adjusting Knob will be provided


Teflon & Neoprene


+/-0.8% OF F.R

Accessories Box

Plastic Bottle filled with coloured water, PVC tubing.



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