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We are one of the few Multi-product organization manufacturing, supplying & exporting quality process control instruments and system since 1979.

Telelin was established with intension to manufacture and supply best quality performance guaranteed Process Instruments for Pressure, Vacuum, Flow, Level, Temperature etc. After starting from a small scale Telelin has blossomed into a reputed organization with manufacturing facilities at number of locations with modern & appropriate infrastructure to produce Quality products and systems. With support from our design engineers & quality control, We have built a reputation for delivering quality instruments with zero rejection and highly durable instruments manufacturing company.

Our Company has a distinguished record of success for providing leading technology and cost effective solutions to our customers.  Our marketing, production, design & development department are located nearby to provide efficient & timely service to our customers.

Quality Program

Our quality program ensures that every instrument is precisely manufactured and having high accuracy, Confirming its Quality standard, this quality program is now implemented throughout our R & D, production, sales and service support.

R & D

Our research & Development team is always on the lookout to understand our customer’s requirement & to provide customized solutions resulting large satisfied client base. Our company also provides instrument test & guarantee certificate and optional calibration certificate with each instrument.

Long Term Goals

Our companies long term objective is to serve process control industry with innovative, cost effective technology without compromising on quality and giving maximum benefit to our clients. Our commitment in pursuit of excellence, at Telelin Instruments (india) we  pledge to improve the scenario of how  process control instrumentation in India.



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